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READ THIS FIRST: In-Person Massage Gathering


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READ THIS FIRST: In-Person Massage Gathering

The most popular Massage Club events are our in-person gatherings. Information and invitations arrive via email.


Some members get only some or none of these invites because they have not added our domain to their whitelist/trusted email list.


I want you at our events.


The fix is simple. Find a message from It may be in your spam folder.

1.    Right click on the message and add it to contacts.

2.    Right click on the same message and indicate it’s not SPAM/junk.

Most email providers deliver mail to people who take these 2 actions.


Messages will be hit and miss unless you make this simple update. I can walk you through the fix for our domain and all the other domains who send messages that include the word “massage”. You’ll be surprised at how many things you’ve been missing.


Contact me today - I can help  add MassageClub@Bodywork.Exchange 

so you get information and invitations!








Services like Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail block emails with the word “massage” to protect you. Your email provider assumes massage messages are unwanted or spam. In our case, they are mistaking email that you want for email that you don’t want.

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